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By nature I have always been regarded as a bit of a ‘maverick’ which is probably why I am now an independent consultant and the founding director of Value People Ltd a rapidly growing SME based in Wales.

In my former corporate career at British Petroleum, I developed one of the UK’s largest corporate sponsored economic regeneration projects and more recently have acted as an independent advisor to the Welsh Government, Finance Minister and the Board Member of a Housing Association.

My work has been recognised as an exemplar of best practice leading to its replication in other parts of the UK and I particularly enjoy working in partnership with a diverse range of stakeholders to provide creative solutions to complex and difficult projects.

I strongly believe that regeneration is a ‘people business’ and that most successful schemes are built around personalities who have drive, persistency, a healthy disregard for bureaucracy and are prepared to commit for the long term – There are no statues of committees!

I am sometimes critical about the public sector and the role it plays in attempting to pump prime regeneration, procure professional services or obtain value for money. Hopefully as my comments are drawn from personal experience the receipients will regard me as a ‘helpful trouble maker’ and take the time to consider the points I make!

Equally in a diverse and enjoyable career I have worked with some excellent private, public and social enterprises and along the way met some tremendous characters.

In this respect I particularly enjoy collaboration and meeting new people so please get in touch for an informal chat or exploratory discussion if you feel my diverse range of skills and experience can add value to a worthwhile commercial or social enterprise in the role of Advisor, Non Executive Director or Interim Manager.